Grand Villa Casino Collective Agreement

“We had our union representative and legal counsel with people to make sure the collective agreement was being respected,” Hughes said. The layoffs are taking place in all areas of the casino, including Starbucks, Hughes cBC News said Thursday. This series of negotiations caused a stir among members of the casino union. As a result, a renewed sense of activism and commitment was born throughout the casino, with 401 UFCW Local members wanting to increase the voice and visibility of their union in the workplace. Renewal contract: valid from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021. Signed Oct. 28, 2019. Grand Villa Casino is located in Edmonton`s ICE district and is attached to Rogers Place and has experienced some difficulties since the passage of the former Bacarrat Casino building in 2016. The much-vaunted economic promise of the much-vaunted ice-district has not fully materialized and casino management does not seem to have been able to take advantage of the revitalization that has come to the city`s downtown. After an 18-week strike at four Okanagan casinos, bridge management in Alberta adopted an aggressive strategy regardless of employee perspectives. The company insisted there be a lockout at the casino. In response, union members mobilized for a strike and launched a number of legal challenges against the employer`s aggressive bargaining tactics. In agreeing to a short-term agreement, which was ratified by a 79% vote, UFCW members stated that they were “conditional” on the company and committed to using all the mechanisms available to them for the duration of the agreement to ensure that management did its job to bring business to the casino.

The short-term contract with the company, which expired in May 2020, was seen by members as an opportunity to give casino management the opportunity to change its operations. Starting September 15, the casino is open only Thursday to Sunday from 12 to 12 .m. but remains open to all important rogers Place events and concerts. In November, Grand Villa employees voted 88.6 per cent in favour of the strike. The four-year contracts include a weighted average of 15 percent of wage increases over the life of the contract, with some of the lowest paid workers receiving more than 20 percent, according to the union. BCGEU represents more than 800 employees at Gateway Grand Villa Casino and more than 450 at Starlight Casino. BCGEU members work in table games, as slot hostesses, cashier, in the counting room, kitchen, restaurants, security, guest service and maintenance. Hughes said casino employees were warned of reduced hours, but were not specified exactly what that meant. Since Tuesday, company representatives have been issuing redundancy notices at the 60,000-square-metre casino across the street from Rogers Place Arena, said Michael Hughes, communications manager for the United Food and Commercial Workers union. Employees were offered options for a “voluntary exit package,” switching to gateway`s other casino in Edmonton, or switching from full-time to part-time. The workers felt betrayed, Hughes says, because they were in the spring in a collective agreement with Gateway casinos and the company took what it called a cumbersome approach.