Client Service Agreement Financial Planning

For your additional guarantee Chapters Financial Limited does not process customers` money and we never own the investments you buy about us. We never process cash or accept a cheque that is given to us, unless the cheque is in the account of the fees or fees for which we have sent you an invoice. We must take all necessary measures to achieve the best possible result on your behalf if we abandon or pass on your instructions to buy or sell an investment. This is called “best execution.” We have an obligation to put in place our best enforcement policy, to give a summary and to get your agreement on our best enforcement policy. A summary is available in Appendix I and, at the signing of this agreement, you accept this directive. Chapters Financial offers a professional financial planning service to meet your evolving needs throughout your life. Our team has the experience and skills to provide independent financial advice and personalized planning solutions that help you achieve your future financial goals, your family, your business or your charity. This client agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Below you will find some typical costs, for example.B. for services: in detail our understanding of your requirements, the specific services we want to offer and how much it will cost you, including the question of whether you should pay VAT. We will regularly remind you of the importance of financial auditing, but it will be your decision whenever you need an audit.

Our premium/retirement control fee is $8,000 Chapters Financial Limited provides independent financial advice and therefore offers investment services and distribution of products throughout the market and by a number of non-investment insurers (i.e. health insurance, permanent health insurance, private health insurance) based on a comprehensive and fair market analysis. Each customer the company deals with is categorized to determine the level of regulatory protection. We offer you to classify yourself as a “retail customers” that offers you the highest level of regulatory protection. These are organizations that platforms and providers make available to all financial advisors, with the sole aim of improving the quality of service provided by clients. We advise and make a recommendation after assessing the context of your personal/financial circumstances, including your needs. In some situations, we will only give you information rather than advice – and you will be told clearly on those occasions. In such circumstances, we may ask a few questions to limit the choice of products on which we will give details, and you should then make your own decision as to what to do next. If lower amounts are invested and you have chosen to pay your current service charges by deducting your investment, we will monitor the monthly fees they received and if the amount is less than the minimum annual fee after 12 months, we will charge you the deficit.

In the exceptional circumstances that we propose as part of the possible transfer of a defined/definitive benefit pension plan, our service consists of a complete review of your pension plans and existing regulations and how your DB system can be used to achieve these objectives. The advice is provided by a qualified financial planner: a professional who helps individuals manage their finances by providing advice on money issues such as investment, insurance, savings, estate planning, taxes and retirement, depending on the client`s circumstances. We offer independent financial advice, but we meet on occasions when we or another client have some interest in the transactions we make for you. Conflicts of interest cannot be completely eliminated, but we identify, monitor and handle real conflicts or pot