Aircraft Use Agreement

From a Malaysian perspective, frustration is unlikely because it is not impossible for tenants to meet their obligations under the aircraft lease – it is simply not commercially profitable for them during that period. The courts will also find that it will be unfair to release the parties from their obligations under the aircraft lease solely because of the temporary shutdown of operations. G. Rules-related issues. If there are still questions about the leasing format or specific operational control of the aircraft, contact the Regional Council for guidance and follow the advisor`s instructions. 15. LEASES/AGREEMENTS SECURITY . A lease agreement entered into by an operator or agreement may contain sensitive business or financial information. It is therefore privileged and confidential and is not made available to the public or copied by the inspector. 2. An exchange contract refers to an agreement by which a person rents an aircraft for an equal time, if necessary, for the other person`s aircraft or in exchange for a payment of money not exceeding the difference between the costs of holding, operating and maintaining the exchanged aircraft. 4. The regulations stipulate that the lease agreement must indicate the maintenance program to which the aircraft has been subjected in the past 12 months and the person or parties responsible for operational control of the aircraft.

A copy of the agreement must be transported on the aircraft during all operations in accordance with the terms of the lease or contract. 1. The owner is the person who equips the aircraft. a) “. . . contract to sell an aircraft . .

. under which the property is delivered to the buyer and the property is to the buyer at a later date, in the event of payment of the part or the total price, or the performance of another condition or action of a regulatory authority of con B. FAR – 91.23 – 91.54″ finds the truth in the rental requirements in leases and conditional sales contracts of large civil aircraft of the United States Registry. (3) To legally work on the charter service as compensation or termination, a company must be certified as an air carrier or commercial operator. The inspector`s primary objective in processing or evaluating an aircraft lease or contract is to determine evidence of operational control and not to require transit. Evasive leases should be questioned and brought to the attention of the regional council. There are very few exceptions to the net rental clause that landlords accept. In more favourable times, airlines with stronger bargaining positions may be subject to cancellation if the lessor itself has breached its obligations under the lease, so that the taker is unable to operate the aircraft during the period of silent enjoyment. In the absence of limited carve-outs, tenants are likely to be subject to the “infernal or flood” clause and that, even in the midst of this global pandemic, rents must continue to be paid under the lease. (9) Name of the person or parties responsible for operational control of the aircraft (1) A time-sharing agreement refers to an agreement whereby a person leases a flight crewed aircraft to another person.