Billing Agreement Traduccion

If you try to validate a billing agreement that contains restrictions, you will receive an error response indicating specific restrictions violations. At this point in Amazon`s paid control process, the subject of the billing agreement has been filled with the buyer`s delivery address, payment method choice, and consent for recurring payments. You must now set additional attributes in the item`s billing agreement that allow you to assign the billing agreement to any other details you follow. For example, you can set details such as the order or subscription number you provided for the transaction and a note that will be displayed to the buyer in emails sent by Amazon Pay. If a settlement agreement cannot be confirmed, it has limits. After you set these attributes by calling the SetBillingAgreementDetails operation, you must confirm the purchase on Amazon Pay by calling confirmBillingAgreement. After you confirm the billing agreement, Amazon Pay notifies the buyer that you have authorized a payment method for that billing agreement. You must confirm the billing agreement before processing payment for the order. Amazon Pay limits the maximum fee for each billing agreement to $1000 per calendar month. You can check this limit by calling getBillingAgreementDetails. After you have defined the attributes of the billing contract object (including any additional attributes that you want to add to details through the SetBillingAgreement business call), you must confirm the subject of the billing agreement. This step notifies Amazon Pay that the buyer has placed the order on your site. Confirmation of the purpose of the settlement contract does not guarantee money or suspends the money.

To do this, you need to send a request to Amazon Pay to authorize the payment and save funds. Once the invoice agreement object is in an Open state, you can continue processing your buyer`s payment. If you use the Amazon Pay (Home Checkout) option, only the partial delivery address will be shared with you until you confirm the subject of the billing agreement by accessing the ConfirmBillingAgreement process. You can use this partial address to calculate taxes and shipping costs. Amazon Pay recognizes that you need more customer details and full address to change your order and provide customer service. After confirming a billing agreement object by calling the ConfirmBillingAgreement operation, you should check the full delivery address by calling the GetBillingAgreementDetails process and verify that you can deliver to that address. You validate the subject of the billing agreement by calling the ConfirmBillingAgreement process. To define the particularities of the purpose of the billing contract, call the SetBillingAgreementDetails process.

It allows you to provide additional information about the recurring payment that you want to include in the subject of the billing agreement. This additional information is used both in Amazon Pay messages directed to the buyer and in the payment processing information that will be returned to you. .