Acteds Intern Mobility Agreement

Is anyone familiar with this military internship program? I`ve been here for less than a year and I hate the place where I eat. I don`t get a lot of training at all and I`m mostly alone. Is there a way to be moved elsewhere? I certainly have to stay at least a year not to repay the moving allowance, but I don`t know if I can bear to stay another year later. Are there any consequences for the demolition after one year? I would probably have another job of government, but not in this particular place. Just take your break and make sure you get a good Eval. You should only be here for a year. Also look at your trainee training plan and make sure you are familiar with these topics. They will only be there one year before training and the last camp. It`s just a waiting game for someone to contact you for an interview. Please post a follow-up of what you have done, because I plan to jump the ship around the 12-month period, if I can`t, I`ll set the 24 months and then change. If it gets really serious, I could join the army to force relocation. So imagine my surprise when I started last month, and it`s absolutely not what I expected, false promises, no training, it`s 100% bait and switches. The advantage is solid experience and federal service for retirement.

They really screw you into this program. For me, the location I`m in doesn`t offer training, so I asked the Career Program Manager for a transfer and I`m coordinating that. .