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2 Fact Sheet of the agreement between the United States of America and the People`s Republic of China (January 15, 2020), available under an agreement/US_China_ Agreement_Fact_Sheet.pdf. The President of the United States called the first part of a bilateral trade agreement an “amazing agreement.” But Chinese government officials were reluctant and said they hoped “both sides would abide by the agreement.” The limited agreement provides for a pause in the trade war between the countries, with a withdrawal of some taxes and China saying it is ready to increase some U.S. imports, especially in the agricultural sector. The Chinese side believes that China and the United States, the world`s two largest economies, must keep in mind bilateral economic and trade relations with the whole. The conclusion of the agreement will serve the fundamental interests of the citizens of both countries and the world and is expected to have positive effects on sectors such as the economy, trade, investment and the financial market. The White House said 25 percent tariffs on $250 billion (225 billion euros) worth of Chinese goods would be maintained until both sides agree to a “phase two” of a bilateral trade agreement. BEIJING, December 13 (Xinhua) — China and the United States have agreed on the text of a first phase economic and trade agreement based on the principle of equality and mutual respect. The agreement will help both countries improve economic and trade cooperation, effectively manage, control and resolve disputes, and foster the continued development of bilateral economic and trade relations. The agreement, published in both Chinese and English, consists of eight chapters that cover several topics in detail, including intellectual property, technology transfer, food and agricultural products, and financial services. As the global economy is under downward pressure, the agreement will strengthen confidence in the global market, stabilize market expectations and create an environment conducive to normal economic, trade and investment activities. The United States and China will sign a “Phase One” trade agreement at the White House on Wednesday. Implementation of the agreement will help improve the protection of intellectual property rights, improve the business environment, expand market access, better protect the legitimate rights and interests of all businesses, including foreign companies in China, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies in their economic and business activities with the United States. 5 Fortune, Trump is preparing to sign a “beautiful monster” Trade Agreement with China (January 15, 2019), available at

“Phase 2 negotiations will depend on the implementation of the first phase agreement,” said Deputy Finance Minister Liao Min, adding that China`s main concern in economic and trade negotiations was the removal of additional tariffs and that the two sides had reached a consensus in this regard. Both parties agreed to complete their necessary procedures as soon as possible, including legal review, translation and correction, and to review the terms of the formal signing of the agreement. After the signing, it is hoped that both sides will seriously respect and implement the provisions of the first phase agreement, that they will do more to promote the development of bilateral economic and trade relations, as well as for global economic and financial stability and to ensure world peace and prosperity. This trade war, followed zealously by Donald Trump, has undeniably its imprint, but few expect this conflict to go away with him, or even on the basis of any first-phase agreement.