Niantic Wayfarer Agreements

Niantic also announced that starting today, coaches who participate in the Wayfarer system will be eligible for a new badge! You have announced that all Wayfarer agreements you have received, while your profile is in green status, will be taken into account in the badge. The Help section indicates that the more you agree with other pioneers, the better your assessment. Things are, I have a green note from Wayfarer, but my disagreements are 34, while my chords are 21. The relationship between differences of opinion and agreements tells me something else. No information on the number of agreements required for each badge level. They can follow the same pattern they used for Ingress badges, or they can go with a completely different set of requirements. As a reference, the Ingress requirements are below, they also have 2 other badges beyond gold. I`m a little puzzled about how Wayfarer`s evaluation and agreements and disagreements with other Wayfarers work. If you are already participating in Wayfarer, all your current contracts will also be applied retroactively to the badge. So all your hard work is going to count! If you are excited and want to try to check, you can access the signaling system here. With this change, Pokemon Go players who have reached level 38 and Ingress players who have reached level 10 can join the Niantic Wayfarer community.

In a blog post, Niantic stated that the level requirements for the appointment of PokeStops and portals remained the same. . Adds a set of custom Wayfarer tools that make it easy to verify and track your appointments! Based on the success and quality of the reviews submitted by these Wayfinder, we are pleased to inform you that we will further reduce the level requirements for verification, so that Pokémon GO can join the Level 38 coach and level 10 ingress agents! PokéStop and Portal appointment levels remain the same. This is an exciting message for anyone who is level 38 or 39 who are working to sand the last two levels to try to reach the current level limit at 40. Also: I`m really familiar with the requirements of a Waystop and takes the time to check (make sure the location, work according to the guidelines, etc.), so I`m pretty sure I`ll do it properly. Why don`t so many panels agree with me? When I look at how many Waypoints I had to turn down because they were duplicates and how many Wayspots don`t meet the requirements set out by Niantic himself, it seems very unlikely that I`m doing a horrible job… . Official Wayfarer Community An excellent group in which Wayfarer can ask questions and discuss potential wayspots. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. . User Documentation and Manual: Niantic Wayfarer allows Pokémon GO and Ingress players to check and decide which points of interest will be added to our platform.