Advertising Agency Non-Compete Agreement

While standard contracts for media companies can vary in length and detail, most of them contain competition prohibitions. Media personnel may also be invited to sign a non-competition contract, which is a separate and separate contract. Whether it`s a separate clause or agreement, language prevents you from leaving your current media business and jumping to a competitor, usually for a specified period of time. And such a non-competitive measure can practically handcuff employees who wish to leave an agency that has clients in a multitude of categories to prevent them from working in the company. Surprisingly, the rules often allow employees to work on the customer side of the customer, suggesting that the determination is more about retaining employees than protecting customers. Customers should think like an Apple or Infosys or a Samsung. You have to choose the best agency that shows broad and deep marketing knowledge for their geography and field. You can also ask why the non-compete clause exists. If the employer is concerned about the publication of trade secrets, you should ask yourself if you can sign a confidentiality agreement instead of a non-compete clause. A secret would prevent you from disclosing company information without restricting your employment. A form of non-competition is like fire insurance. It`s a bear feeling, seeing the ruins that covered your house just burned down and wishing you bought the insurance policy.

The time it takes to establish your non-compete agreement is before you get burned. A digital marketing agency that only works with a client in a geography or field is severely handicapped in its capabilities. This is because their strategies are guided by their individual client, and the pros and cons of alternative strategies would be lacking in their thinking process. These concepts of self-employment and property rights are among the most complicated when dealing with creatives. Copyright has so many different levels of rights that can be sliced and cut as the copyright holder wishes. But employers and creative agencies should understand that there is an inherent advantage in having happy employees who can show their work. If potential customers see, work employees and like them, they can click on the company. It is a kind of advertising and a way to attract new customers.