What Is An Immediate Protection Agreement

In the event of a danger to a child`s life or the risk of serious immediate harm, a legal child protection authority (Lincolnshire County Council, Police and NSPCC) should act quickly to ensure the immediate safety of the child. Emergency measures may be necessary as soon as a transfer is received or, at any time, as part of the participation of children and families (see the supervision procedure). The need for emergency measures can only be felt over time, when more is known about the circumstances of a child or child. Neglect and abuse can be a risk of causing significant harm to a child, which requires urgent protection. They were invited to a closed office outside. And they said that DCS investigators told them again that if they did not sign another immediately enforceable protection agreement that required their son to stay with another janitor and accept another round of therapy, couple advice and advice on child sexual abuse, DCS would take the baby to a nursing home. But agency officials point out that these immediate protection arrangements are part of the Agency`s routine child welfare — a less radical option than putting children in charge with strangers, as DCS investigates allegations of abuse or neglect. And then — when his son Dominic arrived — a DCS social worker told the troubled parents that the agreement meant they also had to fire their grandson. “They went home to school and said we had to have a three-bedroom because a boy and a girl couldn`t share a room,” Said Dawn Garcia. “And they`re both babies. But we did what they asked.¬†Yet the Garcias found a friend who was willing to take the girl home and signed an immediate protection agreement with DCS saying they were monitoring visits with their daughter. The agreement stipulated that both parents would finalize a clinical assessment of their mental health, work with DCS, enter into a new parent support group and work with Fort Campbell`s social service. It is not possible to know how often the Agency uses such agreements or how many children in Tennessee are not in the custody of their parents at any given time.