Uber Credit Card Agreement

While other cards offer Uber rewards through broader categories like travel or transit, reward rates are either lower, typically 2% or 3%, or come with spending limits that limit your earning potential. So if you use Uber to commute or frequently order food from the app and want to collect the rewards, the Uber credit card is the one you can use. The Uber visa comes with an advantage that can be very valuable – mobile insurance. As long as you pay your monthly phone bill with the card, you can get a refund of up to $600 if your phone is damaged or stolen. However, there are benefits that all Uber Visa cardholders can enjoy, including no foreign transaction tax. This is a nice advantage for frequent travelers, as you can avoid the 2-3 percent fee on foreign purchases that are charged by many other cards. The Uber visa is issued by Barclays, which has a mixed reputation in customer service. In J.D. Power`s 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey, Barclays jumped significantly from the previous year, scoring 766 points and taking ninth place out of 11 major credit card issuers.

Uber has adapted to innovations such as autonomous cars and even flying vehicles. But for now, its latest product is the Uber Visa Card, issued by Barclays. Let`s take a look at this new reward card and see if that`s what you need. The Uber Visa card can be a very attractive option for cardholders who spend a large amount on Uber purchases, but its restrictive trading scheme can be a dealbreaker if your spending habits are more variable. The Uber visa is very easy to apply for. In fact, you can do this directly from your Uber app. However, you must ensure that you are fulfilling certain qualifications before applying. We recommend the card for users with vouchers with excellent credits (over 670). In addition to mobile insurance and credit for streaming services, Uber Visa lacks additional card benefits.

Depending on your creditworthiness, you can qualify for a few additional benefits, but you need to read the card`s performance guide after approval to see what you`re entitled to. If you sign up for the new Uber card, anyone can take advantage of cash prizes to take you to their next destination by eating, traveling or simply calling an Uber and Uber. Overall, the credit card is worse than most other credit cards now that the Uber credit card has lost its flexibility in cashing out rewards.